Is Forskolin Just Another Fad?

Everyone is a sucker for expensive fad diet products every once in a while. With so many products on the market, it’s easy to get sucked in. You can buy herbal drops, teas, juices, pills, and exercise programs, gadgets, and equipment.  Some products help, but require significant time commitments. Other products are very expensive and are impossible to keep buying. And many products just don’t work at all.

Some products are very expensive just because the company wants to trick you into thinking it is very effective. But often it turns out that some of the most expensive products are actually the least effective. You buy the product and use it. You pay that high initial price with no effect.  You are probably not going to go back for more – but it doesn’t matter to the seller, they’ve made their money already find more.


Now there is a new weight loss miracle product called Forskolin. Dr. Oz is even promoting Forskolin as a weight loss supplement, so perhaps there’s something to this one. The idea with Forskolin is that your cells actually stop storing fat when you have Forskolin in your system. And it comes from the root of a plant. Forskolin specifically targets stored stomach fat – that dreaded belly fat that just won’t go away, even with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Other Benefits of Forskolin

In addition to helping you to lose weight by changing how you metabolize fat, there are some great, beneficial side effects of taking Forskolin. As we age, more and more we hear from our doctors the importance of maintaining a healthy level of bone mass. It turns out that Forskolin has been shown to help strengthen bones. Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction or other problems related to a lack of sufficient testosterone. Read More Here also helps regulate testosterone levels.

The Price


Here’s how you know that Forskolin is not a typical weight loss miracle drug: the price is very reasonable. For about $15 you can get a two month’s supply. The only way that it can make sense to sell this product so cheaply is if it really works. Most people can safely take Forskolin for the rest of their lives, and if it works, they’ll keep buying the supplements. But if it doesn’t work, nobody is making any money by selling Forskolin supplements.

At such a reasonable price, it makes sense to give Forskolin a try. Two months is enough time to get into a new routine, taking your new supplement, maybe getting some more regular exercise, and trying to eat a healthier diet. In studies, participants were all put on the same weight loss plan, including a  healthy diet and regular exercise, and the participants taking here Supplements lost more weight faster.

The thing about this particular fad is that it really is worth a try. Dr. Oz recommends it and the price can’t be beat.


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